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2020 Prizegiving, Morning Tea and Lunch

Some table tennis, a special morning tea, club champs prizegiving and then off to Porirua RSA for Xmas lunch on Tuesday 15 Dec.

Original digital full photos available on request.

Winner Ladies Singles  &
Most Successful Lady Interclub Member

Left: Mrin Perinpanayagam
(with presenter - Cheryl Ransom)

Runner Up Ladies SIngles

Left: Anita Bhasin

Winner Men's Singles  &

Most Successful Men's Interclub Member

Left: Maarten Romijn

Runner Up Men's Singles

Left: Pradip Manchanda

Runner Up Open Singles Plate

Left: Kevin Gardner

(Winner was John Kyne (absent)

Winners Doubles

Kaz Witko & Margaret Hepworth

Runner Up  Doubles

Annette Adams (with John Kyne . absent)

Doubles Plate Winners

Peter Highsted & Brenda Stickley

Most Improved Player

Left: Upali Salpadoru

Most Valued Members

L/R: Jude Gibson & Chris Janes

Runners Up Doubles Plate

L/R: Graeme Munro & Robin Radford


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